What is the single most important thing in your website? It is the design and appearance of the website itself. We make efforts to brighten it, to express our thoughts and ideas through it and also initiate our customers into our venture. So the next important thing is when we decide to redesign the web site.


Redesign is more important that design, as it is mostly done when i) there is a drop in business and needs augmentation, ii) when business has reached a plateau and needs a fund and ideas infusion to take it to further height, iii) when the ideas of inception has become outdated and needs to be overhauled, iv) the information given has changed over time and so has to be modified and v) when the basic philosophies of the website change with changing environment or when vi) it changes it’s functionality.


Redesign is more tough that designing as you start looking at the website from the viewpoint of a visitor and sort out the obstructions to smooth mobility. Change the design to arrest a fleeting attention. The front page should eliminate the problems of the previous design and should contain all the basic information a visitor wants with easy navigation and locatable links.


 The operative word here is convenience. The more comfortable your visitor is the more time he or she will want to spend in the website and the more you confuse the quicker is the escape. Put the information or their links handy. This is one of the main mantras of redesign.


Content, convenience and convergence are the three main concept of redesign.

To get a fair idea it is better to visit some competitor websites and correctable faults will come up that are to be taken care of in your website and also you will get ideas apart from your own regarding the redesigning itself. In this regard it is the younger the better as newer websites will use more modern technologies and methods. The font application, color matching, and graphics are the things to notice and copy if found interesting. Whatever is done it should be remembered that your visitor has very small time to get his attention drawn and so act accordingly.   



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